Workplace bullying

Employers have the upper hand in labor relations between boss and employee. The employees several times are threatened and feel that they can’t do anything about it. Besides, it’s a very difficult time to look for a job.

You accept life-threatening behaviors in the work environment?

The threats, the intimidation, and generally annoying behaviors at your expense, either by the employer, or by a colleague, has an impact on work performance, mood, and psychology. To an extreme degree, you may develop psychosomatic reactions. You won’t have to let this type of behavior to alter the character and to have an impact in your organization.

Private investigators, through very discreet investigation and ensuring the necessary framework of confidentiality carry out actions monitoring to a large number of cases of work-related bullying, with a large proportion of these to be associated with anxiety.

You are an employer and observe phenomena of mobbing in the workplace?

The side effects of this phenomenon in the business relate to the work performance of human resources and consequently financial losses. Also, there is a big issue on the mental health of your workers.

A few basic tips that we can give you, is the application of a zero tolerance policy, regular contact and frequent progress checks with your staff.

A mentally stable workforce means a happier and more productive team. Keep in mind the risks of harassment that end up having to hire a private investigation agency to check their employees and to take action to combat this phenomenon.


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