Monitoring Of Minors

The handling of cases related to minor children and adolescents need special attention. The affairs of minors can be divided into family, school, and online.

The most common cases of minors:

  • Sexual harassment, beating and verbal abuse within the family
  • Bullying
  • Cyber bullying and malicious internet searches
  • Consorting with people that push young people to alcohol and drugs

Do you want to know directly what’s going on with your child?

If you are not sure how he spends his time outside the home, what websites they visit and if they have malicious content, contact us immediately. A quick answer to the above questions can prove to be lifesaving and deterrent.

Another offshoot of this phenomenon are the various communities in gaming. There is the dimension of the entertainment through computer games, through which your child is being exposed to people who have malicious intentions. They can require money, personal and family data and to turn it to malicious acts (up to creating suicidal tendencies). If you have such a suspicion, we encourage you to get in touch with us right away.

The role of the private investigator

There are two aspects of our research. Originally a web-based assessment and monitoring of the affairs, and then the team of researchers, having devised the most efficient plan of action, advances in physical monitoring of minors.

The private us researchers care to give answers to such questions as quickly as possible. The framework for cooperation is always confidential, and we operate with absolute discretion.

It is important for your child to grow up in a safe environment, and with the right standards. Our role is crucial and will help you make the right decisions regarding the upbringing of your children.


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