Cost Of Services

The private detective agency “Detective Kitsios” offers services of high quality, having the necessary experience, expertise and technological equipment to support any kind of case. Taking into account the economic crisis in our country, we offer several affordable packages that are accessible by everyone.

The biggest factors that determine the value of your case is:

  • The number of private investigators in our office who will be employed and for how many hours
  • The technological equipment that will be used, if necessary
  • The risk of the case and the risk that we take to complete the task
  • The number of our specialized investigators and work hours we will assign to your disposal
  • The location and time of day that we need to operate (eg. midnight)

In any case, having full confidence in the abilities and experience, we guarantee you a refund in the case that it is deemed that the processes may not yield, for certain reasons, the desired result.


Implementation of the Quality Management System, according to the International ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

Strict Professionalism

Absolute confidentiality, discretion, trust and excellent service are just some of the characteristics - values ​​of Detective Kitsios

Money Back Guarantee

without any discount at all on the quality and scope of our services