Gambling – Addiction

In the years of the economic crisis, many people are resorting to gambling. They are in despair and have the impression that these are the most easy solutions to their financial problems and feel lucky. Repeated gambling leads to addiction and puts at risk someone’s whole property.

You are not sure if your spouse resorts to gambling?

Experts can say with confidence after thorough but at the same time highly discreet investigation if the money of your family is being spent on gambling. The degree of depth from our side goes up to the point of the exact date and amount of money spent and in what location of an illegal gambling or online platform. The connections we have with physical and online casinos allow us to verify any information.

Obvious signs of engagement with gambling

  • You don’t have control of your money and you don’t know the full costs of the household
  • Your spouse is missing from the house without updating
  • You notice a general change in the behavior and mood of the person towards money
  • Sudden changes to the passwords of your bank accounts

There is a great chance to show their pride and joy when he wins an amount of money, even to buy different items and gifts for no reason.

If in your case apply whether or not one of the above, we would advise you to get in touch with us.

Addiction is a danger to your family

Addiction of your loved ones to gambling poses a serious risk to both the balance and the finances of your family. It requires serious and timely treatment to avoid disastrous situations that will surely bring you into complete despair.

It is also very important to not deprive your children of basic financial support. There are many people who will prefer to risk their money instead to help their children to learn a foreign language or to become familiar with computers.

Take action before it’s too late

Our private researchers, specialized in issues of gambling and addiction to gambling, act immediately, from the moment you get in touch with us. Every day that passes without taking any action complicates the situation and endangers your family’s peace and economic situation. We have seen whole fortunes lost in a day. In your case, we don’t want to see it happen. Contact us now to formulate the best plan of treatment.


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