Special Missions

Private detective agency “Detective Kitsios” assumes, with great success, and cases are characterized by specificity and have an increased degree of risk in their implementation.

You suspect that your home face-make use drugs?

The research on drugs is one of the most intense and dangerous investigations. The investigation of a suspected drug use and dealing with their respective cases requires patience and lateral approach. Few people want to give a statement about their knowledge on drug issues.

Our private investigators operate in supervisory and make use of modern monitoring equipment, in combination with techniques of natural surveillance, for the purpose of verifying any suspicion there is. We distinguish the discreet surveillance style(s) for which you have the feeling that they have been in trouble with drugs, recording the moves, new habits, and any delinquent behaviors that characterize them, in order to obtain a clear and complete picture and to make then the necessary actions.

Research and monitoring via fingerprint

Our skilled private investigators are well-trained in cases of fingerprint identification. After the successful acquisition follows the treatment in collaboration with the scientific partners and the special laboratories and modern technological equipment.

The usefulness of fingerprints lies in the definition of painting the “portrait” of a suspect (eye color, hair color, etc.), significantly aiding in the research for identification. Also, it contributes to the carrying out of a test DNA.


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