Damaged Property

Any damage to personal property (house, car etc) to the fixed assets of a company is damage to property and will be prosecuted.

You have suffered material damage?

In this category is one of the simple wearing of a car (breaking glass, etching region of car etc) but also large forms of vandalism of shops and other commercial premises. In these cases, the damage has been done and apart from the functional loss, we have to incur the financial losses that such actions may bring.

The role of the private investigator

f you know who is the perpetrator, the skilled investigators can locate him directly and in cooperation with the competent.

But there is the possibility to know who is or who are the perpetrators. There were no cameras, no witnesses in front of the event. Our private detective agency provides services of fingerprint authentication, in collaboration with approved and recognized microbiological centers throughout the country.

In any case, the identity of the perpetrator is a basic prerequisite in order for the owner to follow the legal route.

Protection from Opportunists

In addition, we offer services for the prevention and protection of your property, whether it’s an intimate or professional space. Beyond our physical presence, we check the perimeter and set up the necessary monitoring system, from simple camera installation up to specific transmitters placed along the main entrances.


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