Locating Debtors

The breach of a partnership agreement between a company and suppliers as well as customers is the most common phenomenon of corporate fraud.

They owe you money and they don’t answer the phone?

Our private investigators undertake cases of tracking in human beings that cheated you financially and then disappeared. More specifically, most of the victims in cases where:

  • Customers who have received product or service and have not paid the corresponding amount of money regarding the payment
  • Vendors who have not deliver the expected raw material and goods, while you have already paid
  • Associates, partners, accountants, and even officials, who took advantage of the good relationship with you and steal big amounts of money from your business without your knowledge

Accuracy and effectiveness in our actions

These are the most common phenomena of corporate fraud that we have encountered. For the above, there are automated systems, technological equipment and techniques that are being implemented to find the truth and get what you are entitled to. For more specialized cases, you will receive the full attention of the private research department of our office, where we will execute personalized research in-depth to help you.

Once we conduct the investigation, we will have all the information that are necessary for you to make the right decision. Our reports provide a panoramic view and in-depth detail that our clients need to make decisions based on verifiable facts.

Move legally without fear

Knowledge is an advantage and sometimes a legal requirement. Specific information can mean a competitive advantage and can help you to mitigate the risks in your business relationships. All the items that we will deliver to you are verified.

Find your debtors

Get in touch directly with us to act carefully and with professional speed. Do not accept being owed money without knowing the situation of the financial debt. In a world of expanding economic crisis, cases of financial corruption are getting more and more common. We’re on your side to put together an end to this unacceptable behavior. Contact us now. Get in touch with us now.


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Strict Professionalism

Absolute confidentiality, discretion, trust and excellent service are just some of the characteristics - values ​​of Detective Kitsios

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