Monitoring a mobile phone

The private investigation agency “Detective Kitsios” is required in advance to inform customers that the monitored mobile phone according to the law 3206/2003, which clearly refer to the private investigators and as defined in the government  GAZETTE 298/A23.12.2003, explicitly prohibits the monitoring of phones of every kind, with the exception of special cases and only if a legitimate purpose. However, the private investigation agency “Detective Kitsios” is obliged to operate in accordance with the framework of the aforementioned law, which refers to all the private investigation offices.

The given ban monitoring of phones and mobile phones, is not tenable in exceptional cases only where justified on the grounds of health and safety.

When it is important to monitor mobile?

The private office “Detective Kitsios” classifies the service as one of its most important actions, because it can take up many forms: monitoring mobile child from its parents, monitoring and protection of people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, and even monitoring of corporate mobile phones of the employees by the employer.

The information of interest to the majority of people concern:

  • Specific information, such as search history and notes
  • Messages (existing and deleted), e-mail and call information
  • A multitude of photos and videos (existing and deleted)
  • hidden apps, incoming security breaches and errors

The modern monitoring software used and the specialized expertise on specific issues allows anyone to retrieve any information needed, without the owner of the phone being aware.

You are able to view the progress online in a server specifically set up for you and custom made to your needs. Anyone is able, with the use of the internet and the specific security codes, to be well informed about new information that may have been exchanged.

In any case, it should not escape our attention on what is required by law for tracking a mobile phone. Please contact us to advise you further and help you decide the most appropriate way of action.


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