Monitoring workplace

Given the turbulent and ever-evolving nature of the technology around the world and increasing pressure on companies to continue to meet or exceed the expectations of their customers, there is a greater demand in making corporate espionage and sabotage.

What is the need

When a company owns a valuable trade secret, such as patents, copyrights and other trademarks not sufficient to protect them from theft. All of the above are an important indicator that people are trying to listen to others, regardless of the fact that they might not be interested in what they are hearing. The regular monitoring of offices and corporate vehicles, with the aim of detection of ‘bug’ is a sure way to lower the risks of exposure of your company and the theft of valuable development plans, intellectual property, and other important information.

Spin-off services

Beyond the detection of trapped commercial premises, it is important to protect them from similar future actions. Our private detective agency provides security systems and monitoring that would be envied by most, streamlined and personalized to your every need.

In addition, the monitoring of workplace of a competitor is important when you are suspected of copying, and general unfair competition. In such cases, we distinguish the discretion and effectiveness of our movements.


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