Divorce and Custody of Children

The number of divorces is growing with the passage of time. There are many couples who have moved to a wedding as long as they were young and in love, only to understand later that don’t really match. The problem is exacerbated in the case that gets in the way of a child – especially before a court of law.

Need help in the collection of evidence for the Divorce you?

The private our researchers will help to collect the necessary data for the positive outcome of the case. In most cases, these involve concealment of assets, where our office will identify relevant witnesses and the necessary financial and notarial documents that certify the acquisition of these assets.

Other reasons for a divorce are the phenomena of domestic violence and battery, as well as results of tests, DNA paternity leave that is not expected.

From our experience, most of the reasons that lead to a divorce is some kind of infidelity – adultery. If you suspect that you are cheating on your partner, contact us to find out.

The outcome of the hearing regarding your child’s custody does not serve the interests of your child’s life?

There are many factors that determine a person qualified to take over the upbringing of a child. In several cases the presence of someone before a court does not reflect the truth. This is because they are not being presented with all the necessary information. The result is the unappreciated pay a parent to worry for the upbringing of his children, because he knows that he won custody is unable to provide the appropriate level of care.

.Our private investigators specialize in matters of custody of children, and are close to you, and your lawyer throughout the duration of the case. We offer the information needed to reveal the truth to those who suffer from unjust divorce settlements. You are given the opportunity to a second hearing of the case.

The process that we follow:

  • Our private investigators will be in contact with you to determine the facts of the case. This will help to determine the plan that will follow and the ways in which we will approach the problem.
  • We ensure that nobody breaks into a potentially dangerous or otherwise malicious environment. Use of drugs and alcohol are usually associated with poor judicial settlement cases, divorce and custody of children. We ensure that all parts involved in this investigation remain secure.
  • After having carefully examined all the aspects of the case, our private researchers will use the know-how and the technologies that are necessary to reveal the elements needed by our customers through services debugging, where required. The precise details of each investigation are dependent of such a case, the relevant depth and the parties involved.
  • Finally, and whenever we bring to light new evidence, we will contact you with the presentation of your file. If all is ok, and the evidence is sufficient, you can proceed to a new court hearing.

The resolution of court cases relating to divorce and child custody are connected and need special attention. We will guide you in the process of research and will offer the most effective means of gathering the evidence you need to see the justice that you and your family deserve. Contact us today.


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