Premarital and Background Checks

It is important to have all the correct information. So more when it comes to marriage and in general a partnership with another human being. Are they really your other half?

You are not sure that your future husband or wife is the one who they claim to be?

Are you ready to get married but you have doubts about the husband’s past? You’re not sure what they say, and worried that you still hide most elements of the history of it?

Our private researchers collect the necessary evidence relating to the person concerned. Always act in the best interests of the children or other family members, which you may not be aware of the dangers and defects of the particular person.

Items of interest to most are:

  • Verification, employment and academic career
  • Real-criminal record
  • Control at a depth of bank accounts and statements of these
  • Possible involvement in an earlier police investigation
  • Details on previous divorces and relationships
  • Verification of identity and origin

Trust and safety

The research office will guarantee the confidentiality of our actions and the security of the data that we collect. Any information that comes to light stays between us. The precise, detailed and audited reports are provided to the professional level. Our researchers are experts in any case of control and create a system of verification of data for the purpose of the more direct information.

Our aim is to clarify the truth

Our goal is to solve any problem with absolute discretion. With the end of our sessions, you will be able with confidence to make important decisions about the future of your relationship. You will be able to know who you actually have next to you and if you want to spend the next years of your life with them. Contact us directly to find out the whole truth, and to stop living with any questions.


Implementation of the Quality Management System, according to the International ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

Strict Professionalism

Absolute confidentiality, discretion, trust and excellent service are just some of the characteristics - values ​​of Detective Kitsios

Money Back Guarantee

without any discount at all on the quality and scope of our services