Crafty tenants

In the years of the economic crisis, a lot of people want to save money up on the payments of rent.

Are you the owner of a property with a bad experience of former tenants?

We have worked with cases where the tenant paid a few rents, and then he disappeared. With quick and precise movements we tracked him down and we have ensured to the owner that the next tenant won’t create the same problem.

You are not sure about the financial solvency of the next tenant?

Our private investigators perform detailed background checks and deliver in-depth details of past transactions and credit reliability of the potential of your tenant. This way you will be able to get the optimal decision.

Why trust our Private Investigation agency?

When it comes to matters of financial payments, it is important to know with whom you are dealing with. Our office deepens as much as possible in the past of a specific person, in order to provide our customers with the information associated with each case. We offer accurate and detailed reports with all the necessary data you need to make the right decision.


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Strict Professionalism

Absolute confidentiality, discretion, trust and excellent service are just some of the characteristics - values ​​of Detective Kitsios

Money Back Guarantee

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